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Material List for Tuscany and Sicily Painting Holiday with Sandra Iafrate


Professional Quality GOLDEN Artist Colors acrylic paint will be provided on this trip. If you prefer your own favourite colours, or your own acrylic paints, oil paint or watercolor paint, you are welcome to bring them. Do not bring any solvents for oils as they will likely be taken away at the airport and we can provide that in the studio. We have linseed oil and solvents at the Villa. 


Brushes and palette Knife

¼, - 1” synthetic brushes for acrylic painting, or your own favourite brushes. Working small on approximately 8”x10” canvas, you should be ok with brushes under 1” If you prefer sitting to paint, you can use the short handle, whereas the long-handle are best for standing at easel and larger work.


Minimal recommendation: one filbert brush, one round brush and one flat brushes (you may want 2 sizes of a 'flat' brush)


I use long-handle Silverbrush Bristlon for acrylic which you can buy at art stores or online on amazon, DickBlick, etc. Here is a link to some great information with videos they provide:


Palette knife: good bendable for mixing paint on your palette, no longer than 3” will do.


Painting panels or canvases

8"x10" or 10"x12" canvas paint panels or a canvas pad of real cotton canvas (not paper) in a pad with a hard backing. These thin surfaces are best for travel however if you wish to bring stretched canvases or rolled canvas off the stretcher you can. I find bringing the same size is easier to pack.


sample of canvas panels:

sample of canvas pads:

Also, Ampersand panels or gesso-primed birchwood panels are good too. 

Canadian Sites, check Curry’s Art Supplies, Deserres, or Michaels.


Pad of disposable palette paper, 8”x10” or larger, with lots of room for mixing or large acrylic palette for acrylic painting

Drawing Materials


Sketchbook: for making notes and studies, could be used for light washes or painting 8"x10" is a good size, however, bring what suits. Paper type: regular sketch paper, watercolor or mixed media paper is fine with at least 20 sheets.

2B pencils, sharpener, kneaded eraser and white eraser (Staedtler brand is best.) and any other drawing mediums you may have available such as pastel, crayons, coloured pencils.

Absorbent, lint-free rag or blue automotive towels (you can take off the roll and pack flat. and apron


Supplied at Studio: GOLDEN Artist Colors paints, mediums and gesso, some standing easels and table easels, water containers and paints and some brushes are available at the studio, however if you prefer to bring your own collapsible travel easel, you can.

Packing Best Practices:

If you are bringing paints, best not bring new paint that may expand and burst during travel. Best to use some of the paint first to allow more room if there is any pressure or expansion. Also pack them in double zip-locked bags. Also, travel easels or any long or sharp supplies such as scissors, exacto-knives, palette knives, etc. should also go in checked in luggage. These items can delay you and be confiscated at security. To be sure what you can bring, please check your airline travel restrictions policy and IATA. This link is useful as a statement for water-based GOLDEN Paints only:

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