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Work in progress...

Work in progress by Sandra Iafrate.

"It's like watching paint dry".

I'm continuing with orchids,

this time on black, loving the dark background. In order to create a clean contemporary look I laid a flat dark mix of acrylic paint as a background while bold brush strokes in light oil paint colours will be saved for the flowers.

A similar painting process is being used for lilies and poppies, making it a series for Spring and Summer exhibits. Firstly, I drew the composition, then painted the background in acrylic before working on the flowers. I kept the paintings monochromatic to make it more contemporary. This is quite a change from previous floral work which is much more busy and chromatic. This was my attempt to create a quiet yet dramatic effect.

Above: Orchids, poppies and lilies drawn on canvas, work in progress by Sandra Iafrate.

These photos above show the drawing stage and background painting. The poppies were outlined in thinned acrylic paint before applying the background. The white orchids and lilies were drawn in with vine charcoal.

Above: Lilies on Black detail, work in progress by Sandra Iafrate.

I tried to keep the palette very neutral mixing subtle calming whites for the lilies. The shapes and the manner in which the flowers fall make a nice composition across the canvas.

*Update: The final images can be viewed on my Paintings page on my website, you might notice that I have made a few adjustments. Also, the paintings are currently on exhibit in Washington, D.C. and Toronto. You can visit my exhibit page for details.

*Update update: My Lilies on Black painting was just selected as a finalist for International Artist Magazine June issue, Floral and Garden Competition! Thank you IA, I am so honored!



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